Egan Bernal: If I have to work for Froome I’ll do it

Egan Bernal says he has a good relationship with Chris Froome and that there’s no tension between the pair.

“He wasn’t [upset],” Bernal told El Tiempo about his controversial comments on leadership at the 2020 Tour de France. “What happened was that we spoke at the time. Froome’s statements came out and people took it as if he was angry at me, but he wasn’t. He never got mad at me for what I said.

After the Colombian made his defiant statements earlier this year, rumours said that Froome was on the move to a new team.

“We’re friends and we all want to go forward, to win. Here, the most important thing is that the team wins – we’re Ineos and the one that has to win is Ineos.

“Chris, Geraint [Thomas] and I are very honest with each other. When we see that one is better, then we will help. You can’t say ‘I’m the leader’ – if I have to work for Froome I’ll do it; if he has to give himself up for me, I’m sure he will, and so will Geraint.”

“The team is going to decide on one, but that’s too soon to say.

“We haven’t even competed to know. We even have to wait until the first stages of the Tour. Besides, it’s a big question how everyone will be when they get there.”


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