Cyclist creates amazing Darth Vader art image on Strava

strava darth vader

A Canadian cyclist is creating incredible works of art using his bike and a GPS computer.

Stephen Lund is one of a number of “Strava artists” who use the cycling app to do a whole lot more than just seeing how fast they can go.

“It just struck me immediately that there had to be some creative potential to it,” Lund said.

Lund plots his paths through the streets of Victoria, Canada. The end result: a grasshopper, a thug, Darth Vader and a mermaid that took 14 hours alone.

Mermaid strava

“I think of all those people sitting in front of the TV or YouTube, I think my time commitment isn’t all that excessive,” he said. “It’s so easy to experiment and explore and do something creative”.

t-rex strava

Drawing a GPS picture with your bike is a demanding and unforgiving artistic form—it generally takes all day and the red lines cannot be removed, so you definitely don’t want to make a wrong turn.


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