Video of cyclist struck by car sparks hysterical anti-cycling comments

anti cyclists comments

Cycling has witnessed a mini-renaissance in Australia over the last few years. However, a brief look at the comments section of any news article or video about cyclists will reveal a polarised set of views.

“Got what they deserved… I bet they didn’t even pay for damages to the car”

“Cyclists are cancer and deserve everything that happens to them”

“Good! Deserved it. Im so sick of cyclist fuck wits”

“love that! wish more were run over every day”

“Let’s replace the car with a truck and change the speed to somewhere over a 100 kms”

These are just a few of the recent replies to a video showing a cyclist being struck by a car in Australia. This time it really was the cyclist’s fault, but anti-cycling hysteria is too high in Australia these days, what do you think?


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