Australian cyclist climbs 1 million vertical meters in one year


Australian ultra-cyclist Jack Thompson has climbed a staggering 1,000,000 meters in altitude this year, roughly the distance to space.

To achieve that, Thompson completed one Everesting per week for 52 straight weeks, plus an additional 7,000 feet (2100m) of elevation gain on his “days off.”

His goal was to raise €1,000,000 for three mental health organizations around the world.

“I’ve never been as fit as I am right now, I’ve never been as fatigued as I am right now, I’ve never been as emotionally drained as I am right now and I’ve never been as proud of myself as I am right now.”

“I’ve suffered from depression and mental health disorders my whole life and now being in the fortunate position to ride a bike full time, made it my mission to ride for a larger cause,” Thompson states.

“Cycling has helped me and so I want to give back and help those who suffer. The idea of raising €1 for every meter climbed seemed like a good but very ambitious goal and so I set my sights on trying to achieve it.”


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