UCI approves stricter rules for transgender participation

Rachel McKinnon

UCI has agreed upon new regulations on the eligibility of transgender athletes to compete in cycling races. 

The regulations, approved at a meeting of the UCI Management Committee in January, will come into effect on March 1 of this year.

Transgender athletes who have transitioned from male to female must now ensure their serum testosterone level is below 5 nmol/L, down from 10nmol/L under the old regulations. The athlete must also prove their testosterone level has been below that threshold for at least 12 months before competition.

In a statement, UCI President David Lappartient said the new rules guarantee a “level playing field for all competitors.”

“Thanks to this consensus, achieved by a working group representing our sport’s various stakeholders, our federation has given itself the wherewithal to take into consideration – and in reflection of developments in our society – the desire of transgender athletes to compete, while guaranteeing a level playing field for all competitors,” Lappartient said.

“This is an important step in the inclusion of transgender athletes in elite sport.”


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