UCI threatens with exclusion from the Worlds for cross riders that skip World Cup


The absence of Thibau Nys in the Dendermonde World Cup has sparked anger at the UCI.

David Lappartient believes that participation in the UCI World Cup should be mandatory, otherwise riders should risk exclusion from the next World Cup round and from the Cyclocross World Championships.

Since Nys decided that he would ride the Superprestige Niel but not at the Dendermonde World Cup, the discussion about the World Cup calendar has flared up again.

“If the World Cup is seen as a toy, then we have a problem,” said Peter Van den Abeele from UCI.

UCI chairman Lappartient goes even further, threating riders with a ban from the World Championships.

“Nys had a bad result at the European Championships and says he is tired, but why would you ride in Niel on Saturday? If you’re tired, you don’t ride. Now Thibau Nys is someone who needs cyclocross, but he is not the only one who ignores World Cups.”

“Regarding United States races I can understand that,” says the Lappartient. “That trip for just one round is paralyzing. We must therefore create a combination with Canada. And for Val di Sole we also have to ensure that there is another cross nearby.”

The increasing number of cancellations of motocross riders for the World Cups is a thorn in the side for Lappartient, who even sees a drastic rule change in mind.

“If a cross rider prefers a national competition while there is a World Cup, he will not participate in the next World Cup and also not at the World Championships,” the UCI president threatens. “The World Cup is not a competition where you can choose what you want to ride. Everyone has to participate.”


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