15 signs you are addicted to road cycling

Signs You Are Addicted to Road Cycling

Cycling is like a drug and once you’re hooked, there’s no going back. When the casual weekend rides just aren’t enough and when your bike starts to get more attention than your partner, you know it’s starting to become an addiction.

Some of us are certainly more susceptible than others – those seeking respite or recovery from other sports, or those who wish to solve some personal problem in the singular effort of self-propulsion, for example. And some are just adrenaline junkies smitten with the speed and limit testing of fast group rides or racing.

Respond to the following 15 statements to help determine whether your devotion to cycling is tipping over into addiction territory.

  1. You know where every single pothole is within a 5 mile radius of your home

  2. You use exercise as a way of changing your mood

  3. You know exactly which direction the wind blew from on weekend

  4. You spend more money on cycling equipment than the everyday things you actually need

  5. If you have to miss an exercise session, you feel moody and irritable

  6. Your bike has a nickname and you’re not at all embarrassed

  7. Opening a muesli bar with just one hand is no problem for you

  8. If your Strava resets after 40 kilometres of riding, you turn back home and start all over again

  9. You get a little hungry at work and instantly reach to your back

  10. Despite the protests of your significant other, your bike has a place of honour in your bedroom

  11. You own too many cycling related t-shirts

  12. There are sharp tan lines on your biceps and thighs

  13. Cyclists who cover less than 150 kilometres a day are just tourists to you

  14. You think about each hill as a cyclist, even when you are driving in a car

  15. At night, you have dreams about speeding somewhere on your bike


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