“Your actions are causing me pain”, Strava epic beef over a KOM goes viral

Strava beef

A Strava spat flared up earlier in the week between two riders in Australia, on a fairly inconspicuous 60km ride by Scott Bradley.

Bradley took three KOMs over a 60km ride, including a segment called “Two Hills” which has been ridden by 5 other people. Taking top spot, Bradley replaced Brendan Edwards and beat his time by 14 seconds.

Edwards called out Scott Bradley for stealing his KOMs on local climbs. Bradley responded by saying it was nothing personal. Edwards then called Bradley a “cyber bully” who “ruined my Strava experience.”

Things escalated from there, with the fight eventually moving from Strava to Twitter and cyclists across the globe joining in.

strava fight

The spat could have ended there but it seems fellow riders, not just from Australia, also had a view and the comments kept coming resulting in the argument going viral.

strava beef

strava beef

The Strava boards have since calmed down, with the thread disappearing and Edwards removing his name from his account.



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