Tunnel turned into bike highway in Amsterdam (video)


A strike by public transport workers in Netherlands led to plane cancellations and long traffic jams but officials opted to take the unique opportunity and open a tunnel to cyclists.

In Amsterdam, where there were no buses or metro, or ferry services, officials opened the IJ tunnel to bikes and mopeds so commuters could cross from north to south.

Videos taken at the site showed scores of cyclists entering the tunnel in a matter of seconds.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy said: “There is a major public transport strike today, which means no train, tram, bus, or ferry service across the Netherlands.

“To retain timely and efficient access to the city, Amsterdam opened the (previously car-only) IJtunnel to bikes and emergency services.”

The strike is part of a campaign to have the state pension age frozen at 66 and to ensure pensions rise in line with inflation.


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