SkyDive Dubai riders and staff not paid since April

Francesco Mancebo

The Dubai-based SkyDive pro team have not been paid since April, with both riders and staff waiting on their pay cheques for the last seven months.

“It’s unacceptable, yes, but not only for cycling – also for other occupations, including journalism,” Sports Director Alberto Volpi told Cycling Weekly. “My bosses in Dubai are serious, but they have the same payment problem.”

“The problem is bigger than the cycling team, it’s the sport in general in Dubai, but I can’t talk about that. The Al-Ahli Club involves the top-level football team, basketball, baseball, and the cycling is in that. All of those sports are in that club, 100 or so people are waiting to be paid.”

The team began in 2014 with the goal of moving up to the ProContinental level with Volpi’s help and the signing of former Italian champion Ivan Santaromita.

“Unfortunately, we condemn the situation that is occurring in Team Skydive,” the Association of Italian professional riders wrote in a letter. “The Italian riders, as well as the technical staff, have been waiting since April for their salaries as per their signed contracts.


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