Man gets bicycle gear stuck on his privates


A painful accident for a man in Malaysia’s northeastern coast of Kelantan, after materials from his bicycle became lodged on his groin.

The 34-year-old man called for help after getting his genitals trapped in the small bicycle gear.

While officials say they are not exactly sure how the gear came to be wrapped around his privates, it’s safe to say that we can imagine at least one way the situation came to be.

“In the hospital, with the cooperation from the hospital staff, we managed to remove the gear from the victim’s private part in 20 minutes by using a custom cutting tool,” Rescue Station chief Muhammad Rizwan Ar-Rafee Parsimin said.

“In the incident, the victim from Batu Jong, Kuala Krai suffered no injuries. Once the iron was successfully detached, the man was allowed to return to his home”.


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