Jai Hindley: The directeurs made the right calls every day

Jai Hindley fell short of defending the pink leader’s jersey at the Giro d’Italia on the final stage time trial, but created history with the best ever finish by an Australian at the race.

“It’s been a hell of a ride and real roller coaster,” Hindley said. “It’s been really good fun and a hell of an experience. It’s bittersweet at the moment, but eventually it will sink in. It’s also an incredible feeling to be standing on the podium outside the Duomo in Milan. It’s amazing.”

“I wouldn’t say it was terrifying, but it was something else. I wasn’t thinking so much of the win, I just wanted to do the best time trial I could. I did that, and unfortunately it wasn’t enough, but I’ll be back.”

“From what I’ve seen on Twitter, we’ve copped a lot of shit as a team,” Hindley said. “I mean, I think as a team we didn’t put a foot wrong. Tactically, with the riders we had and the riding ability we had, we did a really nice race.

“Sure, we have two guys on the podium and people will say why didn’t you win, blah blah blah, but actually I think the directeurs made the right calls every day. I don’t think we could have done anything more, to be honest.”

“I’m not like some special person or something. I’m just a guy from Perth. I just had a dream when I was a kid to be a pro bike rider and that dream came true. To be at a Grand Tour racing for the win, it’s insane,” said Hindley, before answering a question that barely needed asking.

“I’d like to come back to the Giro. I love this race. It’s brutal, but it’s also beautiful. I’ll definitely be back.”


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