Incredible Cycling Destinations in the World


Cyclists are lucky people! Why? They get to see the world from a unique angle that is not available to so many people. They can travel to places that other people can’t reach. They get to be the one with nature, even in places where human presence is rare. Even when they are just traveling, they get to know the city like not many local citizens can. Cycling is more of a lifestyle than just a sport, really. Though only the most dedicated cyclists feel free to travel the world on their bikes. For those who dare to take on such an adventure, here is the list of the most incredible cycling destinations in the world. Enjoy!

The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

The famous Baltic trio, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, represent the north of Europe. Too often they remain unnoticed by European travelers. Well, not this time. These countries are terrific for cyclists. First, they are rather small, so you can easily visit all three of them (with no border checking) in no time. Second, they are simply gorgeous. They have this raw beauty that is authentic to the region. You cycle through old tiny villages that look like Disney props. You know the history of these countries everywhere, from their lifestyles to medieval castles randomly appearing on the side of the road. We encourage you to learn more about the history of the region before going there. You can simply order a history essay at a speedypaper and learn everything you need. Also, don’t leave the Baltics without cycling on  Route 10, the road across the Baltic Sea that is surrounded by water from both sides.

Cape Town, South Africa

First things first, Cape Town is already perceived as one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. There is plenty to see within the city borders alone. Though, as a cyclist you are interested in a little more than that, aren’t you? Visiting the Cape of Good Hope should be the number one on your list. A gorgeous place where the two oceans, the Pacific and Indian, meet each other. Where else can you witness such a thing? Next, check out the penguin colony and the famous Dutch village. Last but not least, don’t leave Cape Town without a tour of its numerous vineyards.

Inca Trail, Peru

South America, in itself, is a great place to try to travel on a bike. There are so many destinations we could discuss here! You’ll need to read tons of essay writing service reviews to find a site that can deliver the best paper on the richness of South American countries. We mean it. Though, in today’s list, we want to talk about the Inca Trail in Peru. It is the mecca of so many cyclists. You can begin your adventure by exploring the pretty streets of Lima or spending your time cycling by the Pacific coastline. Or you can go directly to Cusco where your journey to Inca Trail actually begins. The trail is an archeological site where everything hints on the presence of an ancient and prosperous civilization.

Himalaya, Nepal

Everyone knows about Himalaya. Many dream to climb Everest. Though not so many people know about the cycling route in Himalaya. Yes, it is one of the greatest and most beautiful mountain biking places on Earth. Should we mention the views? Perhaps, it is unnecessary. You cannot imagine the beauty like the Himalaya views unless you witness it for yourself. Overall, the trail goes across half of the country, starting at Pokhara with Kathmandu as the finishing line. So be well prepared. It is not a destination for newbies, be sure of that. Though, the spot is still quite popular among the cyclists. Oh, and don’t forget about the fun part, the downhill ride. We ensure you, it is the ride to remember.

Landscapes in China

As large as China is, it offers a huge variety of cycling destinations. The diversity of the country is truly astonishing. Though, we particularly want to acknowledge the gorgeous landscapes in the South of the country. Of course, once you are in China you should be free to visit all of the famous tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. However, the true treasure for any cyclist is hidden in Yangshuo County. This is the place with watercolor landscapes. To cycle, there is like traveling to a different dimension. The scenery there is beautiful beyond rational. Overall, the Chinese landscapes are the ones to remember. Though, in Yangshuo, you will discover truly meditative cycling experience, like nowhere else in the world. You will need to check numerous writing services reviews to find out where professional writers have the skills to describe the beauty of this place.


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