Hit-and-run driver arrested after plowing pickup truck into four cyclists at the Jensie Gran Fondo

cyclists hit and run in california jensie fondo

Authorities in California have arrested a man suspected of plowing a pickup truck into four cyclists on a charity fundraising bike ride on Saturday.

The driver was identified and charged after being caught on a GoPro cam. He was tracked down to his home and charged with felony hit-and-run after officers used a motorcyclist’s footage to ID his blue Dodge Ram.

One cyclist, having been thrown off his bike and into a ditch, was airlifted from the scene with severe head and eye trauma. The other three were taken to a local hospital with injuries like concussions and road rashes. All four are in stable condition.

“We were able to locate the vehicle in the (suspect’s) driveway and were able to confirm with the pictures we had and the damage we observed on the vehicle it was the same vehicle from the collision,” CHP officer Andrew Barclay commented.

“We brought in additional units and assistance from Novato police. Just before midnight we contacted him at his residence and he was taken into custody without incident,”.

Referring to photos and video provided to the CHP, Barclay said, “We were very fortunate. We had great tools to work with and a great community to help us out.”



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