Driver who filmed himself harassing off-duty policemen cyclists gets fined

Watch: Driver screams at cyclists while driving along bike path

An Australian driver has been fined after hurling abuse at two cyclists—and then telling on himself by posting a video of the interaction to Instagram.

Thomas Harris, 27, was driving near the town of Jamberoo when he found himself behind two cyclists riding side by side. Upset, he drove himself onto the bike and pedestrian path and took out his phone and filmed himself cursing out the two riders as he passed. The cyclists were later identified as off-duty police officers.

As he filmed from the shared-use path, Harris yelled: “What’s the point of us spending this money if you’re not going to use it, you f*ck*ng d*ckheads.”

One of the cyclists replied: “Pull over, so I can have a chat.”

Harris shouted back: “F*ck off, f*ck*ng idiot. Use the f*ck*ng bike track.”

Police were made aware of the incident and later tracked down Harris, who went to the police station.

Police said he made full admissions to the offences, could not provide any plausible excuse for his actions and initially said his sister was the person who recorded the incident on the phone.

Harris was convicted on three charges and fined a total and $1,250. He was also given 16 demerit points, double the usual number because the offences happened in a holiday period.


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