Cyclist leaves hilarious notes after spotting his stolen bike locked in a bike rack


A London cyclist managed to get revenge in the most passive aggressive way possible on the thief who stole his bike.

After the cyclist took his bike back, its rightful owner clapped back at the thief in the best way possible, leaving a series of post-it notes.

They read: “You cunt. Next time you steal a bike use a different lock! Thank you for leaving on our route to town. You can keep the seat as a momento [sic].”

Tom Cridland, the man who spotted the four notes, said: “I love the little notes as I think they raise more questions than they do answers. Like how did the thief manage to get the lock off and use the same one to lock it up? Or how far away was the bike stolen from for it to end up back with its owner?

“There are just a lot of questions. It was raining too and the post it notes didn’t look too wet or weren’t hanging off so they must have only been stuck there about 20 minutes before.”


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