Caffeine could make a comeback to WADA banned substances list

Coffee cycling

According to Russian Federal Microbiological Agency chief Vladimir Uiba, athletes being forced to give up their daily caffeine hits could become a reality as early as this year.

Caffeine is currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s waiting list of prohibited substances, and could potentially make it on to the officially banned list.

“Caffeine is currently on WADA’s waiting list of prohibited substances. If it eventually makes its way into the list of the prohibited substances, we will be forced to recommend everyone against drinking coffee as well as soft drinks containing caffeine. Theoretically, it can happen this year.”

Coffee was added to WADA’s “monitor program” this year to allow the experts to ascertain whether it is used by athletes to enhance their athletic performances “in competition only”.

The focus on caffeine will conclude in September when the findings will be handed down and a decision made on whether it is added to the banned list.

Caffeine was previously a banned substance but was removed in 2003 because that threshold was determined to be too low — about the equivalent of drinking eight shots of espresso.


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