Floyd Landis: Just let them all dope; legalising would stop people from dying

Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis has launched again an attack on the cycling authorities he believes have enabled and covered up doping within the sport and said that doping should be legalised. 

“When I was first busted, I was angry. I knew the truth. I knew that the tests didn’t work, that I was the exception in getting caught. I knew the entire story. But if I told it, I knew I would be destroyed by the press and I’d never work again. It was a no-win situation”.

“I love cycling, but at the end of the day, I think you have shady management that runs from the top down, from the level of the International Olympic Committee [IOC]”, Landis told Outside Online.

“And you have them pointing at me, saying I’m a cheater. It’s beyond the pale. I will never stop speaking out against the IOC, WADA, and the UCI. They destroyed my life. My father-in-law committed suicide. Where the fuck were they when I was 18? I will never stop my crusade against them.

“Just let them do it. Cyclists already dope at will. Legalizing it would stop a few people a year from dying by suicide, from public humiliation. That would be the only change.

“You either quit racing your bike or you dope. The only people that walked away weren’t talented enough to do it in the first place. Let me clarify that: there’s never been a rider that was talented enough to win the Tour that didn’t win because they didn’t take drugs.

“If you’re watching the Tour de France for moral lessons, you have real issues”.


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