Wiggins’ former doctor: The explanation offered by Team Sky is like something from the Lance Armstrong era

Wiggins and Armstrong

Prentice Steffen, Bradley Wiggins’ former doctor at Garmin Slipstream, has told in an interview with Cyclingnews that explanations offered by Team Sky about the transport of Fluimucil for the rider’s medical needs is like something from the Lance Armstrong era.

“It just struck me as a bit of an odd hand to play and an insufficient explanation,” Steffen told Cyclingnews. “We pretty much keep Fluimucil on hand at all times because the guys ask for it. Certainly it’s legal and it’s probably effective in terms of its effect on clearing mucous and also providing an antioxidant effect. We can give it out pretty freely on cold or rainy days if riders feel like they are getting a cold.”

“When I were to run out, which does occur on occasion I just go to the nearest pharmacy because it’s pretty easy to get over the counter,”

“It sort of reminds me of the Lance days, when they would come out with a story that the believers would believe and everyone else wouldn’t think twice about except for a handful of people and they would say, ‘hey that really doesn’t make sense,'” Steffen said.

“If it was just Fluimucil then they could and should have said that from the outset rather than come up with the explanation weeks later. It just adds to the implausibility of it but I have no idea what could be in the package, it could be a love letter from his wife. Who knows?”



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