Bradley Wiggins joins Lance Armstrong’s podcast The Move


Bradley Wiggins is going through hard times financially as the former Tour de France winner was recently declared bankrupt. However, he now received some unexpected support from his old friend Lance Armstrong.

“Back with the boys,” Wiggo wrote on social media after posting a picture with Lance and George Hincapie.

He is not the only former or current rider to take part in the podcast, with Mark Cavendish and Matteo Jorgenson among the active cyclists make a presence into the show during this Tour.

Bradley Wiggins has had financial problems for several years and was declared bankrupt by the Lancaster District Court in early June. Wiggins’ belongings are seized, which may also mean he has to hand in his medals and prizes.

At the end of last year, the British former cyclist was already threatened with bankruptcy. The problems started when his companies Wiggins Rights Limited and New Team Cycling Limited went bankrupt. Creditors claimed an amount of more than 700,000 English pounds, but that amount subsequently increased to almost 1 million pounds, equivalent to more than 1.1 million euros.

Wiggins hasn’t paid a single euro of his debt, despite being placed in a scheme to pay off all his creditors in 2022.


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