Watch: The big cyclist experiment

bike parked

In what they called “The big cyclist experiment”, German radio station 104.6 RTL parked a bike in the middle of the road to highlight the issue of motorists parking in bike lanes.

“Motorists park regularly in the middle of the bike path with the excuse that they just have to go to the bakery or ATM for a very short time but can not find a parking space. The cycle path seems to be a welcome alternative. They can put their hazard lights on and leave the car.



Das Experiment ? ? Freitag ab 7.05 Uhr

Jeden Tag parken Autofahrer den Radweg zu, doch was passiert wenn Radfahrer plötzlich auf der Straße parken?

Posted by 104.6 RTL Berlins Hitradio on 9 Noiembrie 2017


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