The people who use bikes instead of cars are lunatics, says Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

Former “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson has previously claimed cyclists ‘deserve’ abuse from motorists and now he takes aim at cyclists again.

Clarkson wrote in his column for The Sun: “Researchers have discovered that nine of the ten most popular trips on the bikes in the past five years were around Hyde Park.

The number one most used route involved picking up a bike at the south-western corner of the 350-acre park. And then dropping it off at the same location a short time later.

This means then that the bikes are mainly being used by tourists who just want to pootle around looking at Mrs Queen’s swans.

And that backs up what I’ve been thinking for a while. That the only ­people who use bikes instead of cars are ­lunatics who are waging some kind of idiotic war with anyone normal”. 

Clarkson has previously spoken enthusiastically about the cycling-centric nature of Copenhagen and said that he would move there “in a heartbeat”. So, is he adopting an exaggerated and confrontational position just to draw attention, what do you think?



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