Peter Sagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up in urging people to swap their car for a bike


A new research conducted by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group ahead of One Planet summit reveals the scale of the health benefits cycling instead of driving really can have. 

The study concluded that cycling to work can reduce the risk of hearth disease by nearly one-quarter, reduce the risk f type 2 diabetes by 15 per cent, and that climate action would lead to an increase in the average life expectancy of citizens of Paris by three weeks.

Peter Sagan joined Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mayor of Pairs Anne Hidalgo to get more people cycling for their daily journeys.

“Switching from driving to an active commute (walking at a brisk pace or cycling 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week) can deliver the following health benefits for citizens: 23% reduced risk of heart disease, 23% reduced risk of stroke, 15% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, 14% reduced risk of depression, 12% reduced risk of breast cancer, 11% reduced risk of dementia, and 8% reduced risk of colon cancer,” a statement read.

“An active commute also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and therefore prevents climate change. If 10% of citizens in C40’s North American Cities switch from driving to cycling that would save over 1.6 million tonnes of CO2e per year, equivalent to 180 million gallons of gasoline consumed.”


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