6 Tips On How To Describe Your Passion For Bicycles In Your Autobiography


It takes more than three years to write the perfect book. However, writing an autobiography, especially one centered on your love for bicycles, can take a lifetime. Writing an autobiography takes courage and taking one through the steps until publication takes persistence.

With your love for bicycles, it will be easy to write your autobiography. You can outsource other tasks such as essays and concentrate on the auto bio. Below are a few tips to help you start and publish your life story.

  1. Analyze Your Journey and Your Love for Bicycles

An autobiography is like any other book. You have to start with a layout of events and how you need them to follow each other. The analysis should start at childhood. Some of the questions you need to answer include:

  • Did you always love bicycles?
  • What made you love bicycles?
  • What did riding the first bike made you feel?
  • How has your love for bicycles changed over the years?
  • What did you expect to achieve with your bikes after a while?

From your childhood, analyze your teenage years. Look at how your relationship with the bike progressed.

These analyses help you understand key concepts about your life. The concepts will open you up to a new perspective and direct you on how to write your autobiography. It might even help you remember major events that you might have otherwise overlooked.

After the analyses and tracking down the events since childhood, you need to analyze your emotions and your reactions and the moods associated with your riding escapades. If you want to write your auto bio fast, you might want to free up your schedule. For those in college, you can find someone to write your essay so you will have more time. If another writer from Edubirdie can write my essay, I’ll have enough time to brainstorm on the auto bio. This way, I’ll remember to link the biking events with my personality for a perfect life story.

  1. Create an Outline

What have been the peaks of your love for bicycles? How did you turn out the way you did? What and who helped you until you become the way you are? What have been your major experiences and setbacks in life?

Creating an outline helps you create a book that flows – the events should flow chronologically to keep the reader engaged. Just like you need a flowing essay when you search “can someone write my essay” so do your readers.

There are so many events that would have shaped the way you are today, and these should appear in your book. Take your time to list events and circumstances from your childhood to today. Some of the questions that might help you remember include:

  • Was there a time when you felt lost?
  • What was your happiest moment?
  • Is there someone who has been with you all along?
  • What are some of the setbacks you have experienced?

Write down your experiences in the form of an outline. They will help you create a great book.

  1. Expand On Your Outline

An outline has the key points on your love for bikes, but it may not have the intricate details that make readers want to read more. From the outline, add details on your emotions and thoughts. If for instance, you are describing a moment someone stole your bike, stress the emotions you went through and how that changed your life.

While doing so, give a detailed explanation to make the reader feel like they are experiencing the moment right there with you. A good book should evoke your readers’ sensation, and the only way to do that is to describe moments and emotions. Narrating the events is okay, but the event’s thrill is what makes the reader keep on reading.

Try to remember what the event made you feel. Use your sense of touch, smell, and taste to try and remember what activities made you feel.

  1. Now Write the Story

Writing your story means recreating your life one step at a time. Because you need to highlight your love for bikes, prune off events that are irrelevant to your passion for bicycles. Writing your book is almost like writing your essays. If you search for “someone to write my essay for me” at the end of the writing process, you will want everything to keep you engaged. That is precisely what your readers want.

If you want to write about your love for bicycles, you have already chosen a theme. However, when writing, you still need to ask, “what is special about your love for bicycles?”

Even if an autobiography is not written primarily to entertain, you still need to include drama and suspense in your work. This way, you will not be any other person and their bike but someone with a unique connection to bikes.

You can also include dialogue to bring out your personality better. Dialogue also helps you bring out the personalities of other people in your life. Your characters should sound different to break the monotony that might be in dialogue.

  1. Choose an Audience

Who do you want to buy your book? Is it teenagers, adults, or all bike enthusiasts? Are you targeting riders, those in bike competitions, or people who love repairing bikes? Choosing an audience teaches you how to write autobiography in the right tone and style.

The right writing techniques help you connect your feelings and your emotions to create a stellar book. Ensure you write consistently to avoid writers’ block.

  1. Edit and Publish Your work

Just as you would do with an essay before publication, edit and proofread your work to weed out spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, etc. Polish your story to make it stand out.


You cannot write your life story in a day or even a month. Unlike when someone writes essays for me, a life story can change after it starts. If you remember an event that wasn’t in the original outline, add it to make your story richer.


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