Hell starts here: This paved climb in Andorra has 34% gradients


Finishing out at 2.222m, Pic de Carroi in Andorra is a monster climb with an average gradient of 14% and a maximum of 34% (scroll down for profile).

Comparing this climb to the hardest ones in Europe we’ll find out it’s tougher than Angliru which has maximum gradient of 24%, while Muro di Sormano from Il Lombardia tops at 25%.

Daniel Martin rode the climb and said: “Hiked up pic de Carroi from home. Considering starting a petition for it to be paved although perhaps wait until I have retired. 5km average 16% and no idea how steep the final ramp is”.

Nathan Haas added: “I’ve done it on my gravel bike. I can attest to it being the stage for the most insane final on cycling history.” He also admitted even he had to walk stretches of the punishing ascent.


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