Floyd’s Pro Cycling to cease operations at the end of 2019

Floyd’s Pro Cycling has announced it is ceasing operations by the end of the year after only one year.

The Canadian-registered Continental squad was formed at the start of the year as Floyd Landis offered financial backing for a team run by Scott McFarlane and Gord Fraser after their Silber squad folded.

The new team added big names from the North American racing scene like Travis McCabe, Serghei Tvetcov, and Keegan Swirbul and picked up results both in North America and elsewhere. Following the unsuccessful sponsor search, however, the team’s riders will be back on the market ahead of the 2020 season.

Landis said his financial backing of the squad stemmed from the settlement cash paid to him by Lance Armstrong resulting from his whistleblower lawsuit with the U.S. Federal Government.

“Floyd Landis supported our team at a time when North American road racing needed it and when he could have easily used that money to support the growth of Floyd’s of Leadville,” McFarland wrote. “His decision to be the title sponsor of our team was in part an act of loyalty to Gord Fraser and a sincere wish to help young riders on our team.”

“I want to thank all the riders who made 2019 memorable on and off the bike,” McFarlane wrote. “This team was unique in that it had 4-5 different kinds of leaders who somehow all got along by deferring or stepping up at the right time.”


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