E-bike rider stopped by police after hitting close to 100kmh

police stops e-bike rider

Police in Sweden have stopped a man after clocking him close to 100kmh on an electric bicycle, 15 times as powerful as permitted under Swedish law.

The police officers hit a speed of 98kmh in their car to catch up with the man who was riding the bike in Linköping, which lies 200 kilometres south west of Stockholm.

“It was life-threatening,” police spokesman Björn Goding told Linköping News. “The bicycle probably didn’t have a frame built for such speed, and the brakes didn’t work either.”

The bicycle had two power modes, 1KW and 4KW, according to the local daily, which would put it well beyond the permitted limits of an electric bicycle.

The maximum permitted power output for an electric bike in Sweden is 250 watts. The man is facing potential charges of both “serious illegal” and “careless” driving.


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