Best Australian Practices for Promoting Cycling Amongst University Students


In the last few years, cycling has become widely popular. Be it for the environment, health benefits, or financial reasons, cycling works for every part of our lives. It is an efficient calorie burner that strengthens your immunity, encourages good mental health, allows you to spend time with your family, is free of cost, and a great replacement to carbon emissions that ultimately saves the environment. Riding a bicycle also does the best job of developing coordination and balance. To bolster this increasing popularity in bikes, many universities worldwide have started adopting innovative practices on how to promote cycling. One way is by establishing a campus bicycle company as well. 

1. Cycling Education Programs from Experts 

Although cycling is an activity that most of us grew up with, universities still have to take special care to promote cycling ideas. This is why many universities in Australia encourage educating students about road safety and bike security through a professional. 

While cycling can give you a rewarding feeling, it can be difficult for students to manage the time. You might need help with writing your assignments while trying to make time for your health. In such a case, you may benefit from an assignment writing service where you can chat with assignment writers to help you produce a stellar essay. Cycling programs include workshops, presentations, events, and pamphlets or brochures around the university to encourage safety. Universities make sure that these resources are available online and in the paper as well.  

2. Cycle Bases of Bikes for College Students 

Australian universities understand cycling to be a great way to warm up your body before heading to the gym or other physical activities. That is why these universities make sure that there are CCTV-monitored bike bases where students can lock up their bikes and head for a shower, use the bathroom or visit the gym. Most of these bases are accessible with an access card. To keep your bicycle parked safely for a longer time, many universities provide their students with lockers as well. 

3. Bike Racks to Promote Cycling Ideas

Cycling is not just great to reach your class fast, but you can also warm up before attending one. For this, Australian universities have racks available outside every building. Instead of keeping your bikes chained up against a tree or a post, you will have to use these racks. Most universities also recommend using quality security methods with a D-bolt lock to maintain the safety of biking on campus. This is one of the safest ways for colleges looking for answers to how to promote cycling. You can access your university’s online maps to get a better idea of where these racks are.  

4. Repair Stations for Biking on Campus

Even the most popular bikes for college students need repair and maintenance. To combat this problem and encourage students to cycle, they also provide separate maintenance stations. Each station available on campus has necessary repair tools and air pumps. Some universities also have custom video maintenance tips. You can access their location and facilities on the website or with the campus security.  

5. Bike Share or Electric Bikes through Campus Bicycle Company

Some Aussie universities extensively practice the culture of bike share. This particular feature enables you to get bikes for college students if you don’t own one. Although there are limitations to where you can take them, this is a great practice to promote cycling ideas. Universities also encourage electric bikes so that you can ride it without having to pedal and switch power. Universities with electric bikes, which are some of the most popular bikes for college students, also have charging stations.

6. Road Facilities for Biking on Campus

Some universities make it a point to provide a reliable space for bikers that includes creating bump-outs, curb extensions, pedestrian sidewalks, bike lanes, and more. This ensures that anyone cycling is not under the risk of colliding with another automobile. Colleges also give a high priority to improve links between the cycling lanes and larger roads with public transportation for the safety of students that urges the use of popular bikes for college students. 

There are many ways you can ride your bicycles to class, including the recently introduced campus bicycle company as well. Universities are great supporters of this service and are continually updating their rules to promote bikes for college students and get the most benefits. These promotion practices should be adopted everywhere to help ourselves commute easier and contribute to our health. 


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