12 Things Only Cyclists Say


Maybe cyclists are speaking another language and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what bike people really mean.

We picked a few sentences that only a passionate cyclist would say or fully understand. What have we missed off our list? Let us know down below.

  1. Get up here and take a pull!

  2. Guys, this beer is my last as I have to wake up at 6 AM to have a ride.

  3. How much does it weigh?

  4. I need to buy some cream for my chamois.

  5. I only use Strava for the stats.

  6. I saved 15 grams by replacing the handlebar with this carbon model from Germany for only 500 euros!

  7. I’m on a recovery ride.

  8. Don’t tell me what happened in the Tour, I’m watching the highlights later.

  9. My bike has broken, can you come and pick me up?

  10. I know a short cut.

  11. I wasn’t really racing…

  12. Campagnolo is way better than Shimano.



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