Tom Dumoulin: Virtual cycling it’s nowhere near the real thing


Tom Dumoulin says he is not a fan of virtual cycling, suggesting some data – like weight registration – is inconsistent and can impact the results.

“I understand why it exists and it’s better than nothing but it’s nowhere near the real thing,” Dumoulin said.

“Wout van Aert is truly the king of pedaling power and finished tenth in the virtual Tour of Flanders,” Dumoulin says. “The devices come from different brands and are not properly calibrated, which is essential. Weight to be recorded must be exactly correct, otherwise it will be unfair.”

“I participated in the virtual Gold Race with an average power of 250 watts,” he said. “Most riders can’t keep up with that pace, but I never overtook anyone. I’m afraid the watt problem will last forever.”

“At the moment I am not trying to ride my bike every day with a specific purpose in mind,” he told Dutch television. “I am trying to stay fit and set a daily goal. I have put together a type of training program, but it is limited and not necessarily with the idea that the Tour will come soon because we just don’t know if it will happen. If I believe in virologists, I don’t give it much chance.”


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