Introducing the $19,000 Aston Martin bicycle

Aston Martin bike

Storck is introducing this limited edition version of new Fascenario .3 road bike that’s intended to be “the best road bike” out there.

Finished in pearlescent Aston Martin paintwork and equipped with SRAM eTap groupset, Zipp’s 303 NSW wheels and a smattering of lightweight bits from THM, the build totals 5.9kg / 13lb. Just 77 of these will be built.

It uses new more aerodynamically optimized tube shapes with sharply chopped off aero tails in what Storck calls Advanced Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping.

The Fascenario.3’s frameset is very lightweight. It’s a claimed 840g for the frame – Storck says that this could be reduced to below 800g in time with changes to the carbon layup – and 330g for the fork.

Getting a Fascenario.3 in your life won’t be cheap. You’re looking at €6,451 for the frameset alone – but that’s almost a bargain when you’re confronted with the price of the Aston Martin edition model which stands at a staggering £15,777 / €17777.



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