12 signs that you’re addicted to Strava

this is strava addicted

At some point in Strava’s history, the app grew into more than just a fitness-tracking, social-networking platform for athletes, and potential fodder for an episode of My Strange Addiction—it became a genuine source of statistics about who cyclists are and how they ride.

Of course, with every good thing, there comes a risk. Basically, because Strava is so great, it can also be addictive. Here’s how to diagnose if you think you may be suffering from a case of Stravaddiction.

1. You log into Strava way more than Facebook or Twitter

2. The first thing you do when you finish your ride is whip out your phone or watch to stop the clock

3. Your biggest rival in life is a guy on your phone screen you’ve never met. He makes you angry.

4. Someone you don’t know follows you and you follow them back cos’ hey, we’re all cyclists

5. You don’t stop when you see someone you know. You yell ‘Strava’ and catch them at the bottom

6. You get uncontrollably upset if you forget to turn the app on before you ride

7. You often claim that the guy who took your KOM was getting pulled by a car

8. You use the phrase: ‘if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen’

9. You are find you are better at stats and calculations now than you ever were at school. You have even worked out the percentage time increase you would have had given the unfavourable direction of the prevailing wind.

10. You once turned down sex to go and ride a segment

11. You create new segments just so you can temporarily hold the KOM

12. You refreshed Strava while reading this list 🙂


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