Fixie cyclist jailed for 18 months over death of pedestrian

Charlie Alliston

A fixie cyclist who killed a mother-of-two after ploughing into her as she crossed a street in east London was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders institution.

Charlie Alliston was travelling on a fixed-wheel track bike with no front brakes before crashing into Kim Briggs in February last year. He was cleared of her manslaughter, but found guilty of bodily harm by “wanton or furious driving”.

Alliston, who was 18 at the time, argued that he was unaware of the law and that it would not have stopped him in time anyway. But crash investigators concluded he would actually have been able to stop if the front brake had been fitted.

The former bike courier said he had shouted a warning, slowed down, and swerved to avoid a collision.

He criticised online the victim claiming she was at fault before deleting his comments when he realised how serious her injuries were.

Kim Briggs suffered serious head injuries, including a fractured skull, and died a week later in hospital.


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