Fitness Apps for Cyclists to Bet on the Health


In the last decade, the number of mobile users has increased exponentially and that’s why many businesses are targeting customers through mobile applications.

Fitness & health industry has many apps on offer where users can learn and do various fitness activities at home. Not only do they offer you various types of training sessions, but they also keep the track of your diet regime, calorie intake, calories burnt, and your overall health. As cyclists, we all have concern for our health, but there could be some new people to the cycling who want to embrace this activity for fitness. On our website, new cyclists can learn a lot of things regarding cycling but when you need motivation then such fitness apps can help you out to push your limits and embark on the journey of a healthy life.

By choosing the right fitness, you can bet on your fitness goals and win the prize when you complete your decided goal. There are several apps in health categories that offer prizes, or in a simple world, they pay you if you achieve the fitness goal. So, along with improving your health, these fitness apps help to motivate you to complete the target with full dedication by offering such monetary benefits. Here, we have mentioned some best apps in this category.


Free – iOS & Android

DietBet is one of the best and the most popular apps in this category which actually pays you to do exercises and stay fit by cycling or any other means. The rules are simple. You just have to participate in the fitness challenge mentioned on the app or you can also make a new challenge with your friends and when you reach your goals then you get the money from the pot. It is just like your regular betting appjust, but here you need to complete the challenge as you are betting on yourself and the pot will surely be not big as NJ online sports betting market size.

You can make a challenge with your friends or you can also join some existing challenges like Kickstarter, Transformer, Maintainer, and many more. You get to split the money of the other participants who fail to achieve their target in a particular challenge. You can easily withdraw your winnings with PayPal or use it for another challenge. So, now get your fitness at a new level and earn some cash along the way.


Free – iOS & Android

Just like the app we mentioned above, this fitness app also inspires you to reach your goals by rewarding you. You have bet your own money on yourself in order to lose fat percentageweight in your challenge. As cycling is one of the best activities to lose weight and fat you can easily complete the challenge. Once you have completed the challenge, you will receive your money back plus winnings and if you fail to complete the challenge, your whole money will go to other winners.

You just need to register yourself on HealthyWage and provide your body measurement. Now, you can bet your money on your personal goals or you can also participate along with your friends as a team. You place the money in the pot and after winning you get the whole pot splits between other winners. The app charges 25% on the total pot amount. The rewards can be redeemed via PayPal or Amazon Credit. Isn’t it a great fitness inspiration?


Free – iOS & Android

Sweatcoin is another cool and inspiring fitness app that helps you to reach your goals and reward you on your fitness journey. You make an account on the app and provide all the necessary data and information about your body and training & health. Of course, you have to turn on the GPS. The main page of the app shows how many sweatcoins you have already been earned on a respective day and how many steps have been taken in total. The app promises to reward its users with virtual sweat coins when they move around a lot. The steps are tracked and verified but only if they were taken outside. There are 0.95 sweat coins for 1,000 outdoor steps.

The earned sweatcoins can then be redeemed for rewards. The Sweatcoin shop currently offers various products and services such as credit for Paypal, flight vouchers, interior, and care products or discounts for selected fashion brands. Tech devices are also in the shop. Alternatively, sweatcoins can also be donated to partner charities. When users redeem their sweat coins in rewards, Sweatcoin receives a commission.

Strava: Running App and Cycling

Free – iOS & Android

Unlike other apps mentioned above, this fitness app for cyclists will not pay but you can surely bet and record your goals here. Whether you choose running or swimming along with cycling, you can track and analyze every aspect of your activity. It syncs with other fitness gadgets and monitors your overall health, so you can measure your performance.

Well, you can’t make bets with your pals here but you can motivate each other. With Strava feed, you can connect with your friends and share your record activity with them and you can check theirs. This surely will boost each other’s motivation.


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