Cycling while pregnant: It is safe?


One of the first things active women want answers to when they find out they’re pregnant is what exercise they can do throughout their pregnancy, including cycling.

It’s a fact that exercising while you’re pregnant keeps you fit and prepared for childbirth. If you want to exercise on your bicycle while pregnant, do it.

Although there’s no concrete proof that high-intensity exercise harms your baby, cutting down the intensity of your training makes sense. Your body is already working extremely hard creating and growing your baby. Throwing a high-intensity workout on top of that is a shortcut to exhaustion but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride a bicycle while pregnant.

Whatever the books say, whatever your friends say, your body is going through a lot of change and every pregnancy is different, so if something’s not making you feel good, don’t do it.

As pregnancy progresses and your baby grows, the body comes under all kinds of pressure, which can lead to hip and joint pain – if that’s the case, don’t plough on through, give it a rest, there will be plenty of time to get back on your bike.

During the first trimester all the hard work is going on inside of your body as you create the placenta, and this is exceptionally tiring for your body. Be aware you will be far more tired than usual and plan accordingly. Try and avoid long, arduous journeys or bicycle training sessions in the evenings – chances are you’ll feel more energetic in the morning. You can carry on cycling in the second trimester and third trimester but get advice from your Doctor and keep safe.

As your uterus grows to accommodate your growing baby, your internal organs will become a lot more cramped – there’s only so much room in there! You may find the compression leaves you short of breath – this doesn’t mean you can’t cycle while pregnant at all, but the golden rule remains, listen to your body.

If riding becomes uncomfortable—physically or psychologically—don’t sweat it. You can easily maintain your fitness by hopping on a spin bike or setting yours up on a stationary trainer. If that bores you, swim, hike, or dance. This is your time to take care of yourself as you like.


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