Armstrong’s former teammate: It’s just a PR stunt on his behalf to make himself look good

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was in New Zealand this week to film a commercial for a major brewer, and said that while he was there was keen to speak with former teammate from the Motorola days, Stephen Swart.

That was significant as the Swart was one of the first people who came forward to speak publicly about Armstrong’s doping past, divulging in an interview with Sports Illustrated the push by Armstrong to dope as far back as 1995. He also testified for the federal investigation into Armstrong.

“It’s just a PR stunt on his behalf to make himself look (good) in front of everybody else,” Swart told the New Zealand Herald. “All the people that he’s hurt over the years, he’s never officially gone in front of them and apologised.”

Swart was initially vilified for speaking out about Armstrong and admitting to his own doping, he said was instigated by Armstrong. But after Armstrong’s admission to doping in 2012 Swart was subsequently named ‘New Zealander of the Year’ for his courage.


  1. To say that Mr. Armstrong was the biggest cheat in the history of sport is just naive. Over the history of sport there have been plenty of chests. Lance is just the biggest one to get caught. It wasn’t but a few years before Lance that Pedro Delgado was suspected of doping but the issue was never perused. He had after all passed the,same doping controls as every other cyclist in the race. As a matter of fact, Delgado was taking a prescribed medication for gought that he never had. That substance at the time was banned by the CUI unless prescribe for that reason.
    Armstrong was a cheat, but it is also thought that the next 60 top finishers were also creating. That is why the second place finisher was never awarded the victory.
    The truth is that Lance was dealt with unfairly. The rules of sport say that all competors will be subject to the same standards. That is not the case for Lance.
    What will never be known is if all the riders those years had been clean, would Lance have won the races that he did. Think about it for a second. All of Lance’s team mates were doping in the same way but none of them could get ahead of him and replace him as the team’s designated protected rider. Lance was the best of the riders back then. Don’t think for a second that others weren’t doing the same thing.

  2. in the history of sport is there a bigger lying cheating cunt than Lance Armstrong? definitely not. rot in cheating hell you fucking arsehole.


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