Anna Scarponi: The loss of Michele was the opening of a wound that will never heal

Michele Scarponi and Anna Scarponi

Facing her first Christmas without her husband, and father to her children, Anna Scarponi has written a moving letter to the cycling community to thank for the support she has received since the death of Michele in April.

The fatal incident occurred on April 22 while Scarponi was out training on his bike just kilometres from his home. Michele Scarponi, a 37yo father of two, was pronounced dead at the scene.

“For the first time since that tragic day of April 22 I’m able to do what I’d wanted and should have done but that was difficult because it forced me to think about that damned day: the loss of Michele and the opening of a wound that will never heal.

With this short letter I’d like to thank you the whole cycling family for their huge show of real support with real warmth and sensitivity. I’ve managed to personally thank some friends and people I know but I also want to truly thank everyone who showed their support.

Thanks to everyone’s affection we’ve never felt alone or abandoned in this dark and difficult moment. You warmed our hearts in thousands of ways: from simply being there to help in other ways.

I’m obviously writing this on behalf of my little treasures Giacomo and Tommaso. Thanks to your help and support I’ll be able to tell them about their dad and how much he was loved by everyone.

This will be our first Christmas without Michele but I still want to wish you happy holidays. Happy Christmas and happy New Year to all.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.



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