Watch: This cyclist hits the trails like a pro at 82

cyclist hits the trails like a pro at 82

This cyclist from Wolverhampton, U.K., didn’t start mountain biking until he was 70 as he used the bike to get fit after surviving cancer.

“You only have to look around you. Fresh air, exercise and good friends. It’s good on your body, it’s not harmful on your knees, everybody should try it”, says Alf

“When I’m riding around here and I see families riding around with their little ones and see them achieve something for the first time, a jump or a drop or getting over a hill. The look on their face is what makes it.”

“I know lots of 70 year old riders, who are really, really good and obviously much better than me, but it’s not too late to start at 80, you don’t have to go mad, just enjoy it.”

A relationship with cycling: Alf

Still riding at 82. Be more Alf.

Posted by Cycle Republic on Friday, November 30, 2018


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