Watch: Petr Vakoc gets creative to train again after suffering several broken vertebrae

Petr Vakoc recovery training video

At the end of January, Petr Vakoc sustained serious injuries in a collision on a training ride in South Africa. The collision with a truck left Vakoc in the hospital for a number of weeks only returning to his home in Prague this week.

Even if he can’t sit in a saddle because of his broken back, Vakoc still worked out a way to train; by hanging his bike out of the ceiling, as this clip reveals.


“I can’t tell you how great it is to be back home after such a long time in the hospital, first in South Africa and most recently in Prague, at the Motol University Hospital,” said the rider. “Of course, it is tough being sidelined with a view to a long rehabilitation period when all you want is to ride your bike, but I am feeling lucky knowing I will come back again.

“It will take some months before I return to competition, but I am really motivated and it is a great comfort knowing I am in good hands with the team and my family. I have just pedalled for the first time at my home, after hanging a bike from my ceiling and mounting it to a Tacx trainer. I am still not allowed to pedal seated but I am so happy I can start moving the legs and work to get back to the pack!”


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