Video: Emu attacks Australian cyclist

emu attacks cyclist

Magpie swooping season has ended in Australia but cyclists may have to think of some new protection against a less typical but much larger threat.

A rider recorded an emu chasing another cyclist who was riding along near the Cotter River, to the west of the Australian capital Canberra, moments after he was also charged by the animal.

Chris Wilson posted the video on Facebook saying: “I think I’m used to magpies now, but getting ‘swooped’ by an emu is getting out of control.”

Posted by Chris Wilson on 19 Noiembrie 2016

“It did all these things like it’s trying to intimidate you,” Wilson said. “I was on my bike facing it so I had to turn around and when I got about five metres away to a distance it was comfortable with it just stopped and turned around.”

A few minutes later he saw another cyclist, who he had earlier warned about the emus when he first rode past, also stop to take a photo. He quickly took his iPhone out and recorded the emu chase the second cyclist.



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