The art of riding with your partner

couple riding bicycle

Riding with a partner can be amazing, fun, challenging and even romantic. It can strengthen your relationship, and it can become something that brings the two of you together.

Regular rides with your partner will result in shared experiences. When your interests and goals begin to align, it can remove tension and stress. When the weekend rolls around one of you won’t be trying to sneak in a ride while leaving the other at home, but instead it can be something you plan to do together.

Combining your hobby or exercise routine with time spent with your significant is not only efficient, but it can increase your emotional bond.

Administering an oral survey disguised as questions about your partners well-being at the beginning, middle, and end of your ride could help you determine the other person’s level of fatigue.

“How are you feeling?” “How did you sleep last night?” “On a scale of one to ten how cute do you find puppy golden retrievers?” If you deduct they are in fact tired offer a bar, offer a coffee stop, offer your back wheel, offer your left leg.

If you are the stronger rider in the pair it is important not to appear so. There’s nothing quite so depressing as seeing your other half disappear off into the forested distance, on an unfamiliar trail, as the darkness falls, leaving you on your todd.

If your partner is struggling up a climb, labouring at 60 cadence, do not be spinning like Chris Froome next to them. Put it in a bigger gear and grind it out. Who cares about your knees? At that point in time, definitely not your partner.

Ride with more people. It’s lovely riding with your other half, but mix it up a bit. Ride with friends, groups, at organised events, or even off on your own. You’ll have different experiences, with varying ride atmospheres and it’ll help you ride in different ways.  You can gauge your abilities and fitness against a range of other people, maybe pick up some new skills and, ideally, have a laugh.


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