Road rage between driver and cyclist goes viral, triggers debate (video)

road rage singapore

A video showing a lorry knocking over a cyclist after the latter angrily bashed its side view mirror has gone viral online, triggering a spirited debate over who was at fault.

The video shows that one of the cyclists was riding in the middle of the lane in front of the lorry, leading the lorry driver to honk at him twice.

The cyclist stopped at the traffic junction in front of the lorry, and did not move to the left side of the lane after leaving the junction, obstructing the vehicle. However, he later moved to the left of the lane, but hit the side mirror of the lorry as he was doing so. The lorry driver then swerved towards the cyclist, knocking him off the road and onto the grass next to the road.

Media reports said that an ambulance was called to the scene but the cyclist, who suffered redness on his arms, refused to be taken to the hospital.

Lorry driver GBD4011Y purposefully hit cyclist

Road rage between cyclist and lorry driver of GBD4011Y."TO BE HONEST, it is already hard to drive in one lane TOGETHER with a cyclist. And in this case, the cyclist was selfish and irresponsible to ride in the middle of the lane. Thus, the lorry honked TWICE. Please note, TWO SHORT HONKS ONLY. (Once to ask him to move to the side, another time when they ignored the horn).However, the rowdy cyclist went beside the lorry and SMASH THE SIDE MIRROR, what the hell? And the lorry driver banged him onto the grass verge just to get back at the cyclist for what he has done. The cyclist fell to the ground but WAS NOT injured. He stood up and the lorry uncle stopped his vehicle.Do you think the cyclist is right? How can one just smash the mirror and get rowdy just because he think he SHOULDNT GET HONKED. Is keeping to the side of the roads so hard?"Credit: Y Lim

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