Pro Bike: €19,500 Tom Dumoulin’s Vincent Van Gogh Giant TCR

Vincent Van Gogh Giant TCR

Giant wanted to create a special bike to gift Tom Dumoulin for his recent wedding and for all the victories he has brought the bike brand.

Vincent Van Gogh Giant TCRThe idea arose to develop a special edition of the Vincent van Gogh bicycle on the basis of the model where Dumoulin achieved world-famous victories; the TCR.

This exclusive edition of the TCR was presented to Tom Dumoulin at a special location in Nuenen, where Vincent van Gogh painted his first masterpiece ‘the Potato Eaters’.

If you’re Dumoulin and van Gogh fan and have €19,500 in your bank account you can become the owner of one of these bikes.  Only 250 will be made.


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