Planning to bet on cycling? Basics you should know


Despite the fact that cycling isn’t the most popular sport in the world, it has its share of fan following everywhere. Many cycling fans stay in places where there aren’t any sports betting shops to place their bets, but they can back their favourite cyclists at various reputed bookmakers on the Internet.

Please keep in mind that even though you can place cycling bets online, you should never do it randomly. It’s important to put some research and due diligence behind every bet. Here’s some general advice to help you out while you’re betting on cycling and other sports events. Nowadays, reputed sports betting portals not only offer excellent odds on different possibilities, they also provide expert betting advice on all the well-known cycling events that happen in different parts of the world.  For those looking for additional betting opportunities, check out casino bonuses at, which offers insights and guides irrespective of where you are from.

Throwing some more light on the research part of it, Internet has proven to be the best data and information source for all the well-known cycling races as well as the chances of participating cyclists.

Races you can bet on

Although there is a wide range of cycling tournaments you can bet on, Tour de France continues to be the most popular of all. It’s considered the biggest and most iconic cycle race that happens every year. Apart from Tour de France, you can also consider betting on Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana, two regulars amongst all the cycling betting enthusiasts across the globe.

Different types of bets and odds in cycling

As can be expected in any sports event, cycling also features a comprehensive range of bet types. Of all the betting options, wagering money on the potential winners of any specific cycling event is the most popular betting market amongst new as well as seasoned cycling bettors. These are very simple bets available in different formats with all the well-known bookmakers.

As mentioned earlier, some bookmakers even offer tips to the starting-out punters. On the other end, special cycling betting tips are also available for the experienced cycling bettors wanting to wager money on less popular possibilities like predicting the race winner’s nationality, guessing the winner of a certain stage of the cycling race etc.

south africa time trial

Tips to help you place successful bets

The best way you can ensure your success in cycling betting is by shopping for the best odds (for the specific race) at multiple bookmakers. When you do so, you will find a lot of variance in the odds offered by them. Using such strategy to avail the best odds has proven to be a winner for many cycling punters time and again.

After you have settled with a bookmaker, as well as the markets you are interested in betting on, you must focus on refreshing your knowledge about cycling. This is a must before opening up your purse to place any real money bets. It’s important to refer to the information related to all the teams and cyclists, including their past records. Please note, this advice applies to both starting out as well as experienced bettors.


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