Pedestrian tries to “kick” cyclist on the bike path (video)


A cyclist filmed a video in Paris in which you can see a pedestrian casually walking on the cycling path trying to trip the rider with a “cool” move.

Take a look at the video posted by Yann Moz Moszyński on his Facebook page:

Un mec marche tranquille sur la piste cyclable > Je m’approche en vélo le forçant à se décaler d’un mètre > Il tente un croche-patte lors de mon passage.

J’ai fait un petit montage pour célébrer sa connerie <3

Posted by Yann Moz Moszyński on 24 Octombrie 2015


  1. Ever hear of share the road? Pissin’ contests are best left to the dogs. Evidence? Triathlete cyclist traveling 17 – 19 mph on a crowded trail + distracted pedestrian – a recipe for disaster. The trail is absolutely unsuitable for training.…/details-emerge-about… []

  2. It’s not easy to see but on the right there is some kind of tunnel which is a large sidewalk, really well protected and usable. Some people just NEED to walk on this cycle path and I can’t know why. (I take this path several times a day, not my video though)

  3. Considering the number of pedestrians who were near or on the bike path I feel that the cyclist was going much too fast. It is probable that the pedestrian also felt that the cyclist was too fast and for that reason he tried to obstruct him. His action is in no way justified – but people do react irrationally when they feel themselves to be the victims of aggression. The construction of a bike path where the pavement should be is always going to generate conflict.

    • It is people like you, who justifie obnoxious peds and drivers for their actions, instead of looking at the whole situation, that keeps cyclists in a continuous underdog situation. Neither drivers nor pedestrians should be On a bike lane, any more than pedestrians would be walking On a car traffic lane. Period.


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