Marcel Kittel: I know how difficult it can be when you’re doubting what you do


Marcel Kittel struggled with motivation problems for years and decided in August 2019, just like Tom Dumoulin now, at a young age to put an end to a very successful career.

“I’ve always admired @t.dumoulin for his strength. On the bike when [we] were teammates and won Tour de France stages together. And off the bike for his clear opinion and honest critic,” the German wrote on Instagram.

“Of course it’s sad to see him taking a timeout from cycling now, but he also stays true to himself to take the time he needs and figure out what and who he is, and what he wants. I know from personal experience how it feels and how difficult it can be when you’re doubting what you do and you want to look beyond your current life and identity. Only time will give you the answers and I hope for Tom that he’ll find them soon.”

“Until then I wish him the same strength that he’s got on the bike also for this part of his career and everyone else who is in the same situation and trying to learn more about his or her own identity. I know that it’s a big journey with an uncertain destination but also a very important life lesson once you find that inner compass again, recalibrate and head into your future direction.”


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