How Students Can Help Promote Cycling Amongst Universities

Due to the many health benefits bicycling has to students, many universities are creating a conducive environment to help promote the practice. Bikes not only help promote better physical and mental health, but they are also an environmentally friendly means of transportation and can help enhance cohesiveness among students.

Not all students love cycling, but other students can create achievable goals to help encourage their colleagues to embrace the habit. They can encourage them to commute with their bikes or organize cycling events.

Positive effects of cycling on learning 

There are many reports by researchers that prove the positive effects cycling has on learning. During their research process, they have used various research methodologies and apps for researchers to gather evidence from students, administrators, and professors. They have concluded that cycling has many positive effects on learning.

Some of the reports conclude that regular cycling can help improve creative thinking, which is important in a student’s learning process. Regular cycling also can help reduce stress and improve sleep patterns so that students wake up fresh and without hangovers.

Other benefits of regular cycling are better mood, better memory, and improved mental health. These benefits help a student to have better self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and the chances of depression get significantly reduced.

How students can help promote bike riding amongst universities

Considering the diverse health benefits students can get through cycling, every university student must get encouraged to start cycling and make it a daily habit. Many students have reservations about the cycling culture, but with a little effort, they can overcome their biases and start to ride their bikes.

How to get even more inspiration for your studies

Education can be made successful through multiple actions that combine study, classroom, healthy eating, and exercise. It might not be easy to be involved in each action, by students can be encouraged through various sources of inspiration. It can be from family members, teachers, mentors, students, and literature written by professionals. One such source is where students can access free compare and contrast essay examples to help them get even more inspiration for their learning. Another benefit they can get is conclusion generator free.

Start an awareness campaign

The most important thing that can help students embrace cycling is awareness. One of the reasons they might not have started cycling is because they are not aware of the benefits. An awareness campaign will help them understand better and start cycling.

The pioneering students can organize a group of about twenty students or more in their university and start to reach out to their colleagues with the information. With permission from the administration, they can print posters, use social media, and the university website to actively spread the knowledge about the benefits of cycling. Once they get enough moral support from their colleagues, they can move on to the next nearest university and start the same campaign as they recruit another group of students there. The campaign will go on spreading from between universities until they reach their target.

Organize cycling events

In every university calendar, there are various events students get engaged in. They hold cultural events, music competitions, arts, science, drama, etc. Several months before these events, students take time to prepare so that they can present their best.

In the same way, a group of students can join and seek permission from the administration to prepare a cycling event. To help attract more participants, they can make it a competition and even prepare prizes for the winners. The event can take two or three days to give every participant a chance. As students prepare for the competition, they start to practice several weeks before the event.

Promote the use of bikes for commuting

Students can work together with the university administration to help use bikes for commuting. Most students might avoid using their bikes for commuting due to various reasons. One might be their safety on the road, a place to park at school, or theft. They can help promote safe riding on the road by preparing training on safety lessons. In the school, the administration can prepare designated parking for bicycles and work on ways to promote their security bikes while the student is in a classroom.


Cycling has many health benefits to university students, and it is also one of the safest means of transportation. It is an eco-friendly means of transportation and every student should be encouraged to start riding their bikes. University students can help promote cycling among their colleagues in various ways. They can organize competitions, spread cycling awareness campaigns, and teach about riding safety to their colleagues and other universities.


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