Floyd Landis: Cycling is not clean in post-Armstrong era

Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong

In an interview with CyclingWeekly, Floyd Landis said that says cycling’s management needs to change and that doping is still widespread in the peloton.

“All the evidence is there that it’s not [clean]. It’s not going to change until the management of cycling changes and until WADA is completely dissolved and a new organisation is set up that isn’t beholden to the Olympic committee. That’s the heart of the matter.”

“There were times in the last couple of years when frankly I would have just dropped the case [against Armstrong] if I had any power to do it, but the government took over the case. There were times I even felt bad for Lance”.

“At this point, I’m not even sure the entire episode accomplished anything,” Landis said.

“Nobody from management in cycling ever paid. We gave all kinds of information on USA Cycling … everyone knew it and was in on it and WADA just refused to do anything about it. They just wanted athletes, which is disappointing, so I’m glad it’s over.”


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