EF Education-Nippo reveals 2021 ‘most compliant’ kit


On the eve of its first race of the 2021 season, the Grand Prix La Marseillaise, the EF Education-NIPPO team unveiled the jersey that its cyclists will wear throughout the year.

Despite the arrival of a new sponsor in NIPPO, the American team has decided to keep its visual identity, the jersey still being mostly pink.

“We tried to create the world’s most compliant cycling kit. Though we’ve earned a reputation as rule-breakers, our design for this season centers around the rule-makers’ regulations,” read a team statement, with a nod to the sanction the team was handed for its Giro design last fall.

“To ensure we comply with every rule and regulation no matter how seemingly insignificant, our designers have shown their work.”

For the correct positioning and spacing of sponsors logos, Rapha’s designers have “left their meticulous measurements marked up while subtle annotations are a nod to their creative approach to compliance.”


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