Bahrain Victorious unveils new kit design for Tour de France


The riders of Bahrain Victorious will not race in a red, but in a white kit in the upcoming Tour de France.

The formation from the Middle East announced on Wednesday that it has opted for a special outfit in honor of Bahrain’s history.

“Bahrain Victorious is delighted to unveil its new pearl-inspired Tour de France design. The design pays homage to Bahrain’s rich pearling history. Known as the “Pearl of the Gulf,” says the team in a statement.

“The pearling industry was the backbone of Bahrain’s economy for centuries, making it a prosperous trading hub. The team’s pearl-inspired design featured across the Merida bikes, Alé kit, Rudy Project helmets and Elite bottles captures these precious gems’ natural beauty and elegance, with teal accents symbolising the waters of the Arabian Gulf and subtle gold touches representing the shimmering glow of pearls”


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